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Message from the Publisher

One Man’s Opinion: From Ryan Sauers   How are you? I hope and pray each of you is safe and well. We are living in unprecedented times. We have said for years that we “did not have time” to do…

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Eddie’s Automotive – Ozone Treatment Service

We at Eddie’s Automotive are now offering Ozone treatments. Ozone treatments are effective at killing mold spores and disinfecting viruses including corona-type viruses. During the SARS corona virus pandemic in 2003, shock-level ozone had a 99.22% kill rate¹ because pathogens…

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RE: Free Chiropractic for Kids The chiropractors at Dr. Chris' Natural Remedies in Snellville, GA are offering anyone under 18 years of age free chiropractic care during the Gwinnett County School Closures. Visits are on a walk-in basis only. This…

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Grand Opening of the Mansions at Gwinnett Park

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