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Do We Know Marketing and Branding?

YES we do! Want more evidence? Listen to radio interview with Ryan Sauers, who is Publisher/Owner of Our Town Gwinnett Magazine. Sauers talks about sales, marketing, branding and leadership as it relates to the magazines, his two books Everyone is in Sales & Would You Buy from You? and more on air Marketing Matters with Ryan T. Sauers on Business RadioX. (Click on banner or photograph to listen to radio show.)

What Does This Mean To You?

You get the benefit of working with two magazines run by Ryan Sauers who also owns a national sales and marketing consulting company (more at Thus, the same marketing/branding principles we speak about, have written books on, and consult with organizations on (across the country)…are shared (locally)… with our valued Our Town Gwinnett Magazine clients.

We integrate print, social, digital, and online mediums to maximize the reach of any advertising dollars you invest… to most effectively build/expand your brand. So, if you are considering advertising in print, social channels, digital media, and/or radio or podcasts let us help you achieve your goal of standing out in a noisy and fast moving world. We have a myriad of options that we customize to meet your needs and budget.

So what are you waiting for? Become an Our Town Gwinnett Advertising Partner today. Contact us via email  or phone 678-825-2049.

Who Are We?

Our Town Gwinnett Magazine is the Gwinnett/NE DeKalb premier monthly publication and has been so for well over a decade. The same is true for our Gwinnett/Walton monthly magazine. Both magazines are owned by Publisher/Owner Ryan Sauers’ End Resultz Inc. media company ( publication has a readership of over 65,000 people per month.

Both magazines, all gloss and unique/”square” shape in size (allowing advertisers a much larger space for a much lower cost (i.e. our 1/4 page size is the same as other magazines 1/2 page size). The magazines are directly mailed to over 20,000 affluent and established homes in the Lilburn, Lawrenceville, Snellville, Stone Mountain and surrounding areas (for the former) and Grayson, Loganville, Lawrenceville, Dacula and surrounding areas for the latter.

In addition to the direct mail, many additional thousands of copies are distributed at select locations in our display shelves and baskets (Click here to see pick up locations). Our community and family-focused magazine includes positive local articles on schools, businesses, nonprofits, sports as well as key feature stories each month from top local writers. The focus is ALL local events and happenings. These are the local topics that you want to know about and people you want to meet. Locally written and edited content…not generic content (you see in other magazines).

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